Port McNeill Base

Located on Port McNeill’s municipal airport, our base is only a few minutes flight from one of the most mystical regions in the world: the Broughton Archipelago. Our backyard is home to mountains, rainforests and beaches as well as multitude of wildlife such as salmon and halibut, whales, dolphins, wolves and bears.

Our state of the art hangar was designed with environmental stewardship in mind. Engineered into the hangar is a three kilowatt wind turbine for power and a rain catch hangar roof filling five 750 gallon in ground drums. From here the rainwater is filtered through a brand new ultraviolet system supplying us with all the fresh water we need. Not only is our 8900 square foot hangar capable of housing seven helicopters, but the shear size of helicopter parking and storage area, boardroom space and available drum and barrel jet fuel make it an ideal support base or headquarters for any major project such as forest fire suppression or disaster relief.

Phone 250-956-2244

Fax 250-956-2070

Freq. RX / TX 163.755 Tone 131.8