Granger Avery



Peter Barratt

Vice President/Owner


Peter has worked in the aviation industry for over 44 years, He started with the Canadian military in 1968 and progressed into civil aviation in 1975 with Okanagan/Canadian Helicopters in Port McNeill. In 1994, he co-founded West Coast Helicopters in Port McNeill.

As Peter often says “my passions are flying, fishing and people…what better place to be!”


Laine Valentine

General Manager/Operations Manager


Laine gladly accepted the position of Operations Manager at West Coast Helicopters in 2014. Prior to this move, Laine was both the Base Engineer and Base Manager at our Campbell River Base. Laine has twenty eight years experience working on Bell Jetrangers, Airbus Astars and Robinson R22/44 helicopters

Cam Wallace

Person Responsible for Maintenance


Cam grew up in an aviation family. His mother and father were both pilots, his father flew in WW2. Out of an aviation family of 5 Cam became the only maintenance engineer. His successful 40+ years has spanned over many reputable companies. Holding many management roles of QA, PRM to name a few. Cam lives in Campbell River, but you will see him at all the WCH bases.

Sean Smyth

Chief Pilot


Sean has worked in the aviation industry for 23 years. He has 10,000 hours, holds an ATPL in helicopters and airplanes, and has worked in almost every aviation industry sector. The majority of his industry experience is VFR helicopter light utility. He holds a current class 2 instructor rating, and training is one of his favorite things to do. As a chief pilot, his focus is safety, influencing, mentoring, and inspiring his team. Creating positive relationships fosters a positive work environment. Sean lives with his beautiful family in Campbell River and despite all efforts, remains a terrible fisherman.

Douglas Strachan

Company Aviation Safety Officer


Doug has worked in the helicopter industry for close to 40 years. Over that period, he has acquired experience in search and rescue, medical evacuation, aerial application, fire suppression, heliski, heli fishing and coastal mountain flying. Doug began his career top of his class with the Canadian Forces in 1981 and after 14 years transitioned to the civil aviation. In 2005, Doug returned to West Coast Helicopters and served as our Chief Pilot for ten years. He is now holds the dual positions of Company Aviation Safety Officer and Company Training Officer.

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