Tour Packages

Thanks for your inquiry. We are pleased to offer four exciting tour packages designed from our years of local experience. Depending on your budget, we have picked the best route with the amount of time allotted for each.

**Please understand that this is entirely dependable on weather and availability due to forest fire and other essential service requirements. It is highly advised to plan on at least 2 other potential dates to allow for any changes. We always do our very best to accommodate you but there are some things that we just can’t control!

“The Classic” 

$2,652.50 – 5 Passengers *Price subject to change

Enjoy both the panoramic bird’s eye view of Nanaimo and the exciting thrill of a helicopter ride. Bring yourself and four other guests as we take you West to the rolling mountains that surround our Nanaimo River Valley. Experience the agility and unique characteristics of our helicopter as we cruise the rivers and soar the ridges in a way sure to leave you thrilled!

“Hovering Hops” 

$5,360.00– 4 Passengers *Price subject to change

A personal tour provided in partnership with Explore Vancouver Island. The adventure begins with a pick up at your chosen location in the Nanaimo region. Look and listen for the big, yellow “Magic Bus”. After a quick stop at the local Longwood Brewery hop in our Astar helicopter to join us for an exciting ride to the upper ridges of Mt. Moriarty. Allow your host to indulge your taste buds with Longwood’s finest brews all while taking in a panoramic view of Vancouver Island and the Georgia Straight! Finish with a visit to our neighbouring Arbutus Distillery. This tour is sure to leave you wanting more and the best way to make an ordinary day epic! Check out Explore Vancouver Islands other great adventures

“Peak to Beach” 

$7,262.50 – 5 Passengers *Price subject to change

A personal favourite! Fly up to the Heights of Mt Cokely for a quick stop to take in the breathtaking view of the entire Georgia Straight as the backdrop of Mt Arrowsmith dramatically towers behind you. We then take the scenic route across the Port Alberni Inlet to a private island beach nestled amongst the many islands that scatter the Broken Group and Deer Group island chain. Bring a pick-nick as you take your time to explore the island before we fly home back across the mountains. Ask about @thenoblegrazer charcuterie boards!

“The West Coaster” 

$7262.50 – 5 Passengers *Price subject to change

A West Coast must! Head west to Port Renfrew and we begin the adventure with a stop at the “Bridgemans West Coast Eatery” for lunch and some cold beverages. When ready, we board the helicopter for a thrilling ride along our wild west coast to see it in the best way possible. Look for sea lions, whales, bears, wolves and eagles that all frequent the beaches along our beautiful yet very rugged west coast. On our way back towards the islands east coast we will cross the many mountains that separate both shores and have a glimpse of how vast Vancouver Island truly is.

Nanaimo Base

Nestled in the industrial “Boxwood” area of Nanaimo, our base is close to all amenities and facilities in Nanaimo. Our hangar has ample overnight parking for two helicopters on the ramp as well as jet fuel and 100LL avgas in abundance. Inside our 3000 square foot hangar you’ll find that it easily houses not only our one AStar helicopter, but also our complete Robinson Service Center and third-party maintenance facility.

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